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About Us

Sidabras Spa is a brand of the company, which specializes in the production of outdoor hot tubs since January 31, 2017. During the relatively short period of the company's existence, our hot tubs are already enjoyed by customers from various European countries, such as: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, France, Great Britain, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Austria, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Customers from these countries, who always choose only quality products, give extremely positive feedback about our products and recommend them.

We gained trust abroad and in Lithuania by paying great attention to the details of the product, its quality and after-sales service. The highest quality materials, tools and equipment, properly trained and dedicated employees allow to achieve extremely good results.

In our daily work, we always take into account opportunities where we can improve and what we can learn from.


To manufacture and create high quality products fulfilling the individual wishes and needs of each customer.


Cooperation, development and progress, respect for employees and customers.


An efficiently working company in Lithuania and foreign countries.

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